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I am currently an under-grad student in Information Technology at Manipal Institute of Technology, India. At MIT, I am member of Management Committee at IE CSE. I am passionate about building software products that can improve lives and the way people do business. My basic interest is in using power of computing, data analysis , data visualization and Machine Learning to bring about qualitative and quantitative change in human decision making. I am specially interested in various open source projects. My basic skills are : Math ,Data Structures & Algorithms ,Machine Learning. For all other practical purpose, I am a technology person with strong value system and entrepreneurial bias. When I’m not building strategy about my next coding project, I love to hang out with friends, meet new people, play a few matches on Chess.com and listen to light Indian and Western Classical music.


  • C/C++ : Extensively used for solving competitive programming problems .

  • R : Developed and tested Mean Reversion on Indian Stock Data , built CAGR Calculator,built a wordcloud app, built data visualization for household power consumption .

  • Python : Developed text analyzer analysis tool , Application of Matplotlib in windows 8.1 OS. Proficient in using GraphLab and Numpy Libraries for machine learning applications. Also used Beautiful Soup for web scraping task .

  • Java : Used for solving problems in competitve programming and building timesheet application for desktop .

  • Octave : Used for solving ML assignments in MOOC .

  • HTML/CSS : Created a public website .

  • Bootstrap : Created this blog .


Contact Me

My Email : aaditya.jamuar [at] learner.manipal.edu